How To Upload NECO Result on JAMB Portal in 2020

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If you have any of the above issue then I guess this article will serve you and clear all your doubt about uploading your NECO result.

The JAMB UTME candidates have been mandated to upload their NECO result, including awaiting results details to the JAMB website portal.
Note that it is compulsory for all candidates to upload their neco result before being granted admission. All jamb candidates are expected to visit any accredited JAMB CBT centre nearest to them to do the needful as the board have re-activated the portal for the uploading of O’level results.

Upload NECO Result
Upload NECO Result


The NECO exam is a friendly one of her kind. She is the peak source when it comes to national school leaving exam. The neco exam is required by jamb for entrance into the university and this can be done by the upload of neco result into the jamb portal site.

Every student that participated in the just concluded jamb exam are advise to carry out the upload neco o’level result on the jamb site for easy admission.
Most student are denied admission even when they even pass the jamb exam but fail these below steps

  1. If you have not upload NECO result on jamb portal .
  2. If you did not meet up with the 5 compulsory credit for your course or department in the NECO exam
  3. If your JAMB Score is not up to the cut off mark
  4. If you did not score high in your Post UTME or Documents for
  5. If you didn’t accept jamb admission in caps


How To Upload NECO O’Level SSCE Results on JAMB Website.

Follow the steps below to upload neco result to jamb website.

• Visit any of the Approved JAMB CBT Centres nearest to you.
• Inform the attendant there of your intention to upload neco result or re-upload your NECO or other Awaiting OLevel result on the JAMB portal.
• The uploading of the results will be done after your online JAMB profile have been logged into.
• You will be charged a token at the Cbt centre for this transaction.

How To Upload Awaiting Result on JAMB Portal

The same process state for the upload NECO result above also applies for awaiting results candidates.
The exam body have warned candidates to avoid going to cyber cafe operators for the uploading of results as they are not approved to do that and cannot login into the JAMB database.


How to upload neco result on JAMB portal by your self

If you are still on the edge of asking about upload NECO result with your android phone, then this part of the article will serve you well and best.

Ensure to Do the following;

  1. First, you have to scan your NECO result.
  2. Then open the portal on your computer or phone.
  3. Log in to your profile by specifying the name and the password used when registering for JAMB.
  4. Upload neco results to the opened account by clicking on ‘upload ‘O’ level results” and click on ‘Submit’.

Please ensure you have saved the data on your profile page.
After these simple steps are completed, the uploading process will be activated.
If you have more than one result to upload, then you can do so.
Simply specify the number of sessions and add the results for each of them.
And you are done. But if you really don’t want to make the upload NECO result possible by doing it your self . I urge you are advices to go to the nearest jamb centre, tell them you want to upload NECO result on jamb portal and I guess you will have to pay a little fee. And you are done.


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