Making money from whatsapp status these days is something crucial for all student but what is more important is the question how do I make this money?.

Remember the saying that people are money? Well this is true for you as a whatsapp user.

Over the years, as technology evolve some social media began to strive and rises and one of the best so far is the whatsapp.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms used by people in all areas of society. It is a user-friendly application with text, voice and video messages, which makes it a preferred communication option for many.

According to facts, there are about a billion people worldwide who use WhatsApp daily and trust me you are among.

Some student even have as much as 100 whatsapp status views and trust me that is the minimum for nigeria student.
So how do you make money from your whatsapp?

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Now I know you have a minimum of 50 whatsapp status view or probably you are a whatsapp tv and you have nothing less that a thousand views and you want to know how to make money from whatsapp status, then sit back and ride along.

How to make money from whatsapp status
How to make money from whatsapp status

The first tip on how to make money from whatsapp status is to:

advertise for people

If you have a much views, you can become an advertising agent to small businesses or even bloggers.

Most bloggers usually have less views in their first 6 months blogging and I too went through the same problem.

Supposing you are a whatsapp tv owner or have a status view of minimum 250, you could email a blogger or using the contact us page in a blog and just give them small light on how you can be sending them at least 100 views daily for a minimum amount of #300.

Although the money can be small, you could just use it as a start and not try to drive your customers away with prices.

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Using link shorten

If you are not in much in the internet world, I will try to explain this as simple as I can.

Probably you might have seen some long header with short links especially spam links.

Link shortner helps you convert a long link into something short and small thereby prevents the link from looking like spam.

There are various link shortner that pays well when you use their services.
How do you use this method to make money?, by converting links.

If you have an article link you would like people to see, you can make use the link shortner and share the link to your friends.

Once they clink the link, it will load and redirect them to the website you want them to visit but during the loading time there your money is accumulating.

A better example is; since you find this article useful and you would like many other people in your contact list to see it but you cannot so this for free, all you need do it to is

1.copy the link

2.Take the link to any paying link shortner

Place the link in the input box and click shorten link.
It will load and give you a link that is shorter .

3.Take this short link and then copy this topic header and place it on your status.

Then add the link underneath it.( anyone that click the link to read this awesome article will first pay through the link they click).

Doing this can make more people interested in your status view because you post informative stuff.

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sell amazon products

You have probably seen american kids making money online using this method and also you have probably see most website created for this specific purpose.

Amazon allows you to create a business account for free even if you dont have a website and sell their product.

How can you use this to make money?. an account with amazon

2.Sell amazon product to your friends

And you are done.
Probably you have friends that love makeup alot, you can post the product on your status and then encourage them to buy it then you get your commission from amazon.

refer a friend to download an app

There are apps in google play store that allows you to refer a friend and in turn they pay you for doing so.

The most common of them is clipper cash that gives you 250 for referring a friend.

There are many other that you might not be aware of, you just need to make searches.

refer people to read news using affiliate links

This method is common among many top news site both within the country and outside.

There are tons of website that pays you when you read news.

You can read news from their site or refer trending news to people and you make money as the click and spend time on it.

Sell your stuffs

You might be good in perfume making, joke cracking or writing, you can sell your skill using whatsapp.

For example you know how to crack joke, you can start a youtube channel and post your joke there and share it for people to view and once you get up to a thousand like, you get paid.

You know how to write, there are tons of people that are in your contact that need help writing a practical report.

This are the six unknown ways to make money via whatsapp. If you are having trouble implementing any of the above guild, inbox me on whatsapp via 08125498220 or comment it on the comment box below.

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