Growing child
Growing child

Teaching a growing child : Do you have a kid brother or a sister? What do you think about them learning something new? For me, my kid sister is a quick learner than I am but not all kids are like that.

            Being a teacher in a school few years ago, I realize that learning for all children is far different.

Expert believes that the first six years of a child life is a prime stage of learning and doing a research, I figure out that during these stage children can learn very fast.

Every growing child in our neighborhood require learning to grow, but how about those kids who aren’t fast in learning.

How do you teach a growing child who is slow to learning?, well this article will serve as an opener to every parents, teachers, bigger brothers and sister who want to help their younger ones grow and become smart.

Sometimes it may seems too hard to teach a growing child especially when the child doesn’t look so friendly but with my few discovery as a teacher and a big brother,  I believe that these tips can be  help and guidance for every growing child out there.

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Before we head to the strategist, let see some strategist not to applied in teaching a growing child

  1. Don’t teach a child with anger
  2. Don’t force a growing child to learn
  3. Ensure not to do the opposite of what you teach in front of the child
  4. Don’t teach a growing child what you love but what he/she love.

I guess the few tips above are the best ways not to teach a growing child. You want to find out why? Then stick to the strategy for teaching a growing child and I bet you will.

Before us head on to the main idea for this article, I simply want to state that I am not a doctor and this is not a medical formula but a life fact and one I gathered through teaching.


Teaching a growing child has no business with either you are a mum or not. One way or the other, we all are teachers, guardians or even parents to every young child in our neighborhood and these children learn from every aspect of our life ranging from what we do, eat and how we responds to things.

          Do you know that every action and character a child posse is a photocopy of what he/she has learnt from the environment? You and I am the environment which children learn from.

you don’t need to be a mother or a father to teach a child. Also have you notice that some children who are born in a quiet and loving family ends up becoming hoodlums (just saying)? If yes then my question to you is where did they get such character from?


To teach a growing child, here are simply six steps you need that can help

  1. Using the circle formula
  2. Through singing
  3. Through book reading and tales telling
  4. Perform actions/ Instruct them
  5. Give them a reason/make them believe

There are probably much more ways to teach a growing child than you can ever imagine, some I will list beneath this article while others I will use as substitute in explaining these five.

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What is the circle formula?

First let`s see what a circle is?, a circle according to the English dictionary is a specific group of person while the according to the word web dictionary, a circle is a rotating mechanism.

I will simply define a circle as a rotating orbit or a curve section that goes round and round without stopping.

Over the years I was able to discover a formula which I called the circle formula.

I know you are curious to know what the circle formula is and how it applies to you. The circle formula is simple one. All you need is to understand how a circle functions.

In a circle one thing is notable and that is the fact of doing the same thing over and over again without any movement.

Every growing child learns through repetitions and repetition is the mother of mastery.

Therefore the circle formula is simple and straight forward. Just do the same thing over and over and I bet the child will never forget it.

            Sometime ago when I was still teaching, there was this child which the parents always complain about, they complain that the child doesn’t relate to things easily and find it hard to remember.

With this I decided to apply the circle formula.  I bought some books the child was interested in and I would re-read certain passage to the child, after every class I would go over the topic that I taught in the class with the child and with time the child became brilliant and the parents were so amazed.

How to use the circle formula for a growing child

To use the circle formula.

   1.  Get books the child is interested in/ things the child like to hear and ask questions about

2.  Focus on just one passage or part of the book for a start

3. Explain, re-read and re-teach that passage until the child understands

4. Set personal exam for the child that’s all.

Focusing on one part of the book doesn’t make a child to understand just that part, it helps the child to think and remember everything and build the brain capacity. Try the circle formula today and comment your observation in month`s time.

Through music

Music is a friendly way to teach a growing child because Music has the ability to link the mind, soul and body together.

It is advisable to learn as much music as you can that has positive effect on children  or probably you can create song out of everything that you want the child to learn.

(examples include this is the way I brush my teeth, brush my teeth…this is the way I brush my teeth, early in the morning). With this song, a growing child can learn how to brush his/her teeth.

Researchers and kindergarten teachers always advice rhythms for teaching children.

Through book reading and tales telling

Book reading and tales telling is another fun way to teach a growing child as it allows them to live their young age trying to represent the character that seems good in their eyes.

Have you notices that kids always repeat and imitate their favorite character in every movies? I guess we all have been there sometimes but for most of us adult, we still do that till today (lol. I guess you are still a victim of imitating your favorite character till now).

I could remember watching goku, tom and jerry and before I forgot my favorite power rangers move.

What is my point? kids try to portrait the character of a good person they hear in a tales or read in a book and this can be an opportunity for you.

Perform actions/Instruct them

Kids also learn by seeing older people do stuffs, kids learn everything thing they can from older people and the best way to teach a growing child is to do what you want the child to do.

When you want to teach a child to brush all you need do is simply brush your teeth. Statistically proven, children copy actions with speed and this is the reason why families that are good readers and they spent most of their evening on books hardly have a dull or mentally disable child compare to children born in  too busy families that hardly ever have create time reading a book in weeks.

            After performing, you should then instruct them to do likewise. Then they become smart and even figure out ways to perform such activity more than their parents. All kids are smart, all they just need is time to grow and develop mentally, instructing them is and should be must do! Foe all parents.

Give them a reason/make them believe

Lastly of my best tips and guild from being a teacher over the years, I would advice you to give them a reason to do.

Don’t force and frightened them, they aren’t animals and the fact that they don’t learn very fast doesn’t make them useless. I was once like that, slow to learn and hardly cope easily with things but today I guess I am doing fine on my own. Do force them to learning else they would dislike you.

            The best way to make children learn new things is to give to give them reasons to.

Make them believe that it is possible to learn anything they want to.

Imagine if ben carson was forced to read or force to learn then I guess we would never have heard of him.

Ensure to give them a reason to learn and never speak negative of them.

  Other tips that could help includes:  playing games that increases brain capacy, numbering things, put him/her in the spot light, make them the leader of every house chores and learning and lastly make use of emotional/heart to heart talk with them.

To read more about teaching a growing child, you can read more on https://www.yourmodernfamily.com/teach-your-baby-6-12-months/

I hope this article briefly explains the best five strategic to teach a growing child. If you find it useful then let a parents, teacher and family member know about it by sharing it. And also without forgetting, what do you think of the circle formula?

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