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The neco result checking portal is the standard NECO result portal to check NECO result. The NECO result checking website is result.neco.gov.ng. here student who sat for the 2020 NECO exam can print their result with or without a scratch card. see also NECO:HERE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW | NECO.GOV.NG


The list below will contain two method of checking your NECO result. First with scratch card and secondly without a scratch card or token.

Neco result portal guild: neck result is out, candidate that participated in the previous NECO exam can now check their result with the steps giving below. You can do it in two ways, which is either to check It online using a NECO token or directly using the online means.

Brief tip on NECO exam

The NECO exam is the last leaving secondary school exam that is not compulsory for all student especially if you enrol and  passed the west African examination council exam.


The NECO exam is written in the middle of the year (mid-year exam). In the month of june/July and can be an assisting exam for student who didnt do well in their waecor can be use alone to gain admission.

For student who wrote waec and maybe pass few subject or got four(4) course out of the five required. The NECO exam can serve as an assisting guild or a leverage to cover up the imbalance especially when you are about to take jamb. For example, if you require maths, english, physics, biology and agric to enrol for jamb and mistakenly you failed agric, you can add NECO to the waec and use for enrolment. If you write the NECO and probably failed all other course and got only agric right, you can use the NECO result of only agric to assist your waec and  then enrol for jamb exam.


The first part we would focus on is how we can check our NECO result using the NECO result scratch card or token card.

How to check your NECO result using the NECO scratch card or token

The step below give you a quick guild to check your NECO result online using the NECO result checking guild or simply the NECO result portal.

To check your NECO result via the NECO result portal. Follow the steps below

  1. Visit the NECO result portal official website using the link www.result.neco.gov.ng
  2. Chose your exam year/ the year you wrote the NECO exam. For example, if you wrote the NECO exam in 2020, all you need to do is to select year 2020 from the selection box and proceed forward.
  3. Then pick your exam type I.eSSCE internal (june/july)
  4. Then followed by your token number in the provided space and also your exam number in the required field.
  5. Lastly what you need to do is to recheck if you didnt make a mistake and click on the check result button to access your NECO result.

How to check your NECO result online without using NECO scratch card or NECO token

During the past years, this process has been possible and student can just login in the NECO result portal and without NECO token or NECO scratch card.

Using this process, You can only check your result only five times and this process was recently change into the token/scratch card process.

So it isnt active anymore in the NECO website. You can only check your NECO result via the neco result portal website with a scratch card or a NECO token.

if you havent uploaded your neco result in jamb portal then follow this procedures : How To Upload NECO Result on JAMB Portal


With the step to step guild above, you can check your NECO result yourself or you can pay someone especially cyber cafe workers to check if for you if you want to.

But if you want to check it your self, any issue or problem you run into or you want us to help you check it, you can comment your exam year, REGISTRATION number and your token or scratch card number. If you dont want people to copy your scratch card, you can send it to us via whatsapp.

Dont forget to comment all problems you face during this steps In the comment box below.

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